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KKS IV: 190

Composed on an occasion when people were gathered in the Thunder Court and composing poems in praise of autumn nights.


kaku bakari
osi to omoFu yo wo
nede akasuran
Fito saFe zo uki
On such a
Wonderful night,
Spent idly
Sleepless, the dawn
Pains one all the more.

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune (Fl. 898-922)

KKS III: 167

When a servant was sent over from the neighbouring house with a request for some flowering pinks, he was reluctant, composing this poem sent it back.


tiri wo dani
suwezi to zo omoFu
sakisi yori
imo to wa ga nuru
tokonatu no Fana
Not even dust
May touch them, I feel,
Since they’ve bloomed,
Where my love and I bed down
On pink coverlets of flowers.


KKS III: 161

Composed when some courtiers, drinking wine the Attendance Chamber, called him in and told him to compose a poem on ‘waiting for the cuckoo.’



kowe mo kikoezu
yamabiko Fa
Foka ni naku ne wo
kotaFe ya Fa senu
The cuckoo’s
Call is silent-
But an echo
Of a song sung elsewhere,
Might not that return to us?


KKS II: 134

A poem on the end of spring from a poetry contest held by Retired Emperor Uda.


keFu nomi to
Faru wo omoFanu
toki dani mo
tatu koto yasuki
Fana no kage ka Fa
“Only today is left
Of spring” goes unthought-
Even at such a time,
Is it easy to part from
The blossoms’ shade?

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune

KKS II: 132

Composed when he saw women returning from picking flowers on a day at the end of the Third Month.


mono to Fa nasi ni
Fakanaku mo
tiru Fana goto ni
taguFu kokoro ka
That would halt them
There is nothing, yet
How hopelessly
To every scattered flower
My heart is drawn.

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune