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SZS XVI: 971

After Prince Tametaka, Commissioner of the Board of Censors, had died, she sent Prince Atsumichi, Governor-General of Dazai, some orange blossom, and when he asked what they meant, sent him:


kaworu ka ni
yosoFuru yori Fa
kikaba ya onazi
kowe ya sitaru to
Scenting their fragrance
In place of his – rather
The cuckoo
I would hear, for his call
Is just the same…

Izumi Shikibu

Izumi shikibu-shū 484

When the house of Bishop Mokuban burnt down, I sent a message, with this, to his mother.


kado no Foka wo si
siranu mi Fa
toFubeki Fodo mo
sada suginikeri
Through that other gate have you, while
In ignorance, I,
When I should have known,
Have passed my time.

Izumi Shikibu

SKKS XVI: 1495

On a night when the moon was shining brightly, someone captured some fireflies and sent them to her; she replied to say that ‘the rain was falling’.


omoi araba
koyoi no sora wa
mieshi ya tsuki no
hikari nariken
Had you a thought for me,
This evening to the sky
I would that your enquiries had flown;
Perhaps, what I have seen is but the moon

Izumi Shikibu

SKKS XVI: 1459

Together with Prince Atsumichi, she went to the house of former Major Councillor Kintô and, on the following day, sent this via the messenger sent by the Prince.


oru hito no
sore naru kara ni
mishi wa ga yado no
hana no ka zo suru
The one who plucked it
Was you, so
As something trifling
Was it seen at my house
Scented with the flowers’ fragrance.

Izumi Shikibu