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MYS IV: 727

[One of] two poems sent by Ōtomo sukune Yakamochi to the Elder Maiden of the House of Sakanoue (a love poem to say that though they had been parted for many years, he hoped they would meet again).


wa ga sitapimo ni
siko no sikokusa
koto ni shi arikeri
A forgetful day-lily
To my under-belt
Is bound, yet
This annoying weed
Is so in name alone!

Ōtomo no Yakamochi

MYS XVII: 3989

A poem composed when Senior Clerk Hata no Imiki presented a farewell banquet to Governor Ōtomo, Lord Yakamochi at the Yachishima residence.


nago no umi no
oki tu siranami
sikusiku ni
omopoemu ka mo
At the sea of Nago
The whitecaps in the offing
So clearly
Would I remember
When I am gone from here…

Ōtomo no Yakamochi