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MYS VI: 957

A poem composed when the officials of the government headquarters in Dazai had visited the palace at Kashii, and halted their mounts on the shore at Kashii on the way home, in the winter, Eleventh Month, Jinki 5 [729].


iza kodomo
kasipi no kata ni
sirotape no
sode sape nurete
asana tumitemu
Hey, fellows all!
On the tidelands of Kashii
Even white mulberry
Sleeves are soaked, so
Let’s gather greens for breakfast!

Ōtomo no Tabito

SKKS X: 901

On coming up from Tsukushi, after finishing his posting as Governor General.


koko ni arite
tsukushi ya izuko
shira kumo no
tanabiku yama no
nishi ni arurashi
Here I am, yet
Where might Tsukushi be?
Clouds of white
Flutter ’cross the mountains
In the west-’tis where it lies, I’d say.

Major Councillor [Ōtomo no] Tabito

MYS III: 315

During the final month of Spring on an imperial excursion to the palace at Yoshino, the Middle Councillor, Lord Ōtomo, composed this poem, with tanka, in reponse to an imperial command (this poem has not yet been presented to the throne).

み吉野の 吉野の宮は 山からし 貴くあらし 川からし さやけくあらし 天地と 長く久しく 萬代に 變はらずあらむ 行幸しの宮

miyosino nö
yosino nö miya pa
yamakara si
taputoku arasi
kapakara si
sayakëku arasi
amë tuti tö
nagaku pisasiku
yöröduyö ni
kaparazu aramu
idemasi nö miya
In Yoshino,
The palace of Yoshino
Has the mountains’ nature –
It has the river’s nature –
Pure and clear;
As heaven and earth
Forever and ever –
A myriad reigns –
Let it remain changeless
This palace to which we have come.