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KKS V: 279

When chrysanthemums were called for at the Ninna-ji, with a command that a poem be attached to them, he composed this and presented it.


aki wo okite
toki koso arikere
kiku no Fana
uturoFu kara ni
iro no masareba
Quite apart from Autumn,
There is another season for
Chrysanthemum blooms
For as they fade,
The colours become finer still.

Taira no Sadafun

KKS IV: 238

Composed during the reign of Emperor Uda when men from the Chamberlain’s Office were composing poems when about to return from Sagano, where they had gone to view the flowers.


Fana ni akade
nani kaFeruran
oFokaru nobe ni
nenamasi mono wo
Still unsated by the blooms,
So why return home?
The maidenflowers
Fill this meadow:
Here’s where I would sleep!

Taira no Sadafun