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SZS XI: 693

Composed as a poem in the conception of hidden Love for a hundred poem sequence when the Regent [Fujiwara no Kanezane] was Minister of the Right.


asamasi ya
wosaFuru sode no
sita kuguru
namida no suwe wo
Fito ya mituran
How pitiless!
From my restraining sleeves,
Beneath and through, slip
Tears-whither bound,
I wonder if she knows?

Former Provisional Master of the Right Capital Office [Minamoto no] Yorimasa

SZS III: 169

Composed as a poem on sweet flags.


samidare ni
nurenure Fikamu
numa no iFagaki
nami mo koso kose
In the constant drizzling rain,
Soaked, let us pick
Over the stony border of the marsh
Waves are breaking.

The Regent and Former Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Kanezane]