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MYS XX: 4431

佐左賀波乃 佐也久志毛用尓 奈奈弁加流 去呂毛尓麻世流 古侶賀波太波毛


sasa ga pa nö
sayagu simo yo ni
nana pe karu
körömo ni maseru
körö ga pada pa mo
The leaves of bamboo grass
Rustle on this frosty night;
Wearing sevenfold
Garments cannot compare
To my darling’s skin.
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MYS XX: 4425

On the 20th day, Second Month, twenty poems about sakimori were presented by the Superintendent of Sakimori, Musashi Province: Mikuni, Lord Azumi, of the Senior Sixth Rank. However, unskilful efforts were not recorded.


sakimori ni
yuku pa ta ga se tö
topu pitö wo
miru ga tömosisa
monö omopi mo sezu
“For a border-guard
Whose man is to go?”
The people ask;
Seeing them I envy,
Feeling nothing else.

MYS XX: 4342


pomete tukureru
tönö nö götö
imase papa tözi
ome kapari sezu
With pillars of noble wood
Was constructed, with a paen,
This great hall, even so
Is my mother, the chatelaine:
Let her face remain unchanged.

The above poem is by Sakatabe no Obitomaro.