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Love V: 1


mukashi ware
furiwakegami o
miteshi yori
koi ni midarete
oi zo shinikeru
Long ago, I,
Your hair, bunched on either side,
Did glimpse, and ever since
In a confusion of love
Have I grown old.

Lord Suetsune.

Right (Win).

iro ni somuru
kokoro wa onaji
mukashi nite
hito no turaki ni
oi o shiru kana
Being charmed by beauty
My heart is just the same
As long ago, but
How cruel for me now,
Feeling my age…

Lord Takanobu.

The Right state: ‘Your hair, bunched on either side’ (furiwakegami) appears very abruptly. In addition, we wonder about the appropriateness of evoking youthful love. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to indicate.

In judgement: the confusion evoked by ‘your hair, bunched on either side’ seems to have lasted rather too long. The Right’s poem sounds exactly as it should be. Thus, the Right should win.