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Sanekata Shū 229

When the moon was shining brightly and I was conversing with a lady, we heard the plovers call:


Fama tidori
iduko ni naku zo
tuki matu to
Plovers on the beach:
Where do they cry?
While waiting for the moon…

I said, and she concluded:


akasi no ura to
Bright Akashi Bay
Must be their thought!

KKS IX: 409

Topic unknown.


Fonobono to
akasi no ura no
asagiri ni
simagakure yuku
Fune wo si zo omoFu
In the gloaming
Across Akashi Bay
Through the morning mists
Vanishing between the islands
I follow a boat with my thoughts.


This poem is said by some to be by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro