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Love IV: 26

Left (Win).

madoromu hodo no
koi naraba
yoru sae mono wa
Feeling some relief,
Enough, at least, to doze:
If that was my love, then
Until the fall of night
I would wish to avoid these gloomy thoughts.

Lord Suetsune.


me ni mienu
yoru koso masare
amagumo no
yoso ni nariyuku
hito no tsurasa wa
When all goes unseen
At night, it overwhelms me:
The cloudy heavens’
Distance, where he has gone
So heartlessly.


The Right state: there are no faults to indicate. The Left state: we wonder about the suitability of the impression conveyed by ‘When all goes unseen at night’ (me ni mienu yoru) on hearing it.

In judgement: the poem of the Right, with its ‘The cloudy heavens’ distance, where he has gone’ (amagumo no yoso ni nariyuku) is elegant, but it is certain that ‘When all goes unseen’ (me ni mienu) recalls the expression from the Kokin Preface, ‘unseen gods and demons’. The Left’s poem sounds pleasantly realised from beginning to end. It should win.