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FGS V: 522


kaze samumi
hadarejimo furu
aki no yo wa
yamashita toyomi
shika zo nakunaru
How chill the wind
Dusting frost
On this autumn night;
The foothills echoing with
The belling of the stags…

Fujiwara no Mototoshi

This poem is also included in the Horikawa Hyakushū.

Autumn I: 15

Left (Tie).


aki no yo ni
ikutabi bakari
inaba no tsuyu ni
yadoru inazuma
On an autumn night
How many times does
It flash, I wonder?
In the dewfall on the seedling rice
Lightning has found a home.

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Tie).


yama no ha ni
nokoreru kumo no
taema yori
tobata no omo ni
kayou inazuma
On the mountains’ edge
Rest clouds, and
From the space between
Across the face of Tobata field
Passes lightning.



The Right state that they find the Left’s poem ‘commonplace’ [mezurashikarazu], while the Left remark that the Right’s poem ‘ has no faults, but we wonder about the utility of “Tobata”?’

Shunzei’s judgment: While the Left’s poem recalls the verse ‘How many times have I awakened’ (ikutabi bakari nezameshite), in form, I certainly feel it is good [utazama, yoroshiku koso haberumere]. As for the Right’s poem, though there is no particular wording which calls for the use of ‘Tobata’, as a large paddy field which is close to the capital, it does not seem that there is a reason not to use it. Thus, this round is a tie.