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Spring I: 25

Left (Win).


kyō wa wa ga
kimi ga mimae ni
toru fumi no
sashite katamaru
azusayumi kana
Today to Our
Lord’s Presence
We take, missives
Attached and drawn tight,
Bows of catalpa wood…

A Servant Girl.




momoshiki ya
chikaki mamori no
wa ga hiku kata zo
kokoro ni wa iru
Hundred-fold, the palace;
Close by, sentries with
Catalpa bows:
Drawing them,
Their hearts fly forth!

The Provisional Master of the Empress Household Office.


The Right team state simply that they ‘don’t understand the content’ of the Left’s poem, while the Left remark airily of the Right’s that it ‘hits the topic dead on!’ Nevertheless, Shunzei says that the Left’s poem, ‘seems charming, with its image of letters to His Majesty attached to staves’, and awards it the victory.