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SKKS I: 19

Composed on the spirit of remnants of snow, when he presented a hundred poem sequence to Retired Emperor Horikawa (1079-1107; r. 1086-1107).


haru kite wa
hana tomo miyo to
kataoka no
matsu no uwaba ni
awayuki zo furu
‘Spring has come,’ they say,
‘Look! It’s blossom!’
On the mountainside
Upon the pine-tops
A froth of snow is falling.

Fujiwara no Nakazane (1057-1118)

SZS II: 95

Composed as a poem on blossom.


tiru Fana wo
mi ni kaFu bakari
kanaFade tosi no
oinikeru kana
The scattering blossom
For myself to exchange, is my only
Thought, but
It does nothing and with every year
I grow a little older!

The Monk Dōin

KYS I: 2

Kinzane composed this in the conception of the beginning of spring.


Faru tatite
kozue ni kienu
sira yuki Fa
madaki ni sakeru
Fana ka to zo miru
Spring has risen and
On the treetops still remains
Early blooming
Flowers appear to be.

Master of the Crown Prince’s Household [Fujiwara no] Kinzane

GSS III: 123

On the road, on a profusion of blossom around the Third Month.


wori tureba
tabusa ni kegaru
miyo no Fotoke ni
Fana tatematuru
Were I to pluck one,
My hand would besmirch it, so
As they stand
To the Three Worlds’ Buddhas
I’ll proffer these flowers.

Archbishop Henjō