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MYS II: 153

A poem by Her Majesty, the Dowager Empress.

鯨魚取り 近江の海を 沖放けて 漕ぎ来る船 辺付きて 漕ぎ来る船 沖つ櫂 いたくな撥ねそ 辺つ櫂 いたくな撥ねそ 若草の 夫の 思ふ鳥立つ

isana tori
opomi no umi wo
oki sakete
kogikitaru pune
pe tu kite
kogikuru pune
oki tu kai
itaku na pane so
pe tu kai
itaku na pane so
wakakusa no
tuma no
omopu tori tatu
In the whale-hunting
Sea of Ōmi
From far off in the offing
Boats come rowing;
Nearing the shore,
Boats come rowing;
Off in the offing, oars
Beat not so hard!
By the shore, oars
Beat not so hard!
A fresh blade of grass –
My husband’s
Beloved birds you’ll start to flight!

Yamato Hime no Ōkimi

MYS XIX: 4153

Composed on the Third Day at a banquet at the estate of Yakamochi, Lord Ōtomo.


karabito mo
pune wo ukabete
asobu topu
kepu so wa ga seko
pana kadurasena
The folk of Cathay, too,
Drift in their boats
At play, ‘tis said,
Upon this day, my love,
Won’t you wear, this garland, in your hair?

Ōtomo no Yakamochi

Spring III: 13

Left (Tie).


sakazuki no
nagare ni tsukete
karahito no
fune norisu naru
kyō o shi zo omou
As the wine cups
Cathay folk,
Boarding boats
This day, comes to my mind.



Right (Tie).


yuku mizu ni
ukaburu hana no
sakazuki ya
nagarete no yo no
tameshi naruran
Upon the flowing waters
Floating flowers of
Wine cups!
In times gone by,
Was there ever such a thing?

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Both Left and Right say they have no criticisms to make this round.

Shunzei says, ‘The Left’s poem recalls an ancient Chinese festival, while the Right’s mentions one from our own Court. In terms style and form, neither poem has any particular problems. The round must tie.’

Miscellaneous 96

Left (Tie).


umi wataru
ura kogu fune no
itazura ni
isoji o sugite
nureshi nami kana
Crossing the seas,
Within the bay, rowing boats
Past the rocky shore of fifty years,
Wetted with waves of tears.


Right (Tie).


aremaku ya
fushimi no sato
idegate ni
uki o shirade zo
kyō ni ainuru
All overgrown,
My estate at Fushimi I
Am unable to depart;
In ignorance of the sadness of the world
Have I come upon this day.