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Akazome Emon-shū 570

When I heard nothing more from a person who had vowed to go to see the scarlet leaves at Tonase with me.


tokuto isogade
momijiba wa
tonase no taki no
ochi mo koso sure
How untrustworthy!
You take care to make no haste, and
The scarlet leaves
At Tonase cataract, without a word
Will surely fall!
A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

Horikawa-in enjo awase 20


ause oba
nagarete to koso
tanomeshi ka
ika ni to dani mo
otonashi no taki
Our meeting, like the rapids,
Will flow on—can I
Trust in that?
However much they seem
The silenced cataract of Otonashi…

Lady Ki

In reply.


na no nagasaji to
tsutsumu ma ni
shibashi yodomu zo
otonashi no taki
Living on in sorrow and
Letting no word of it flow out—
Thus wrapped up
Briefly stilled has been
The cataract of Otonashi.

Supernumerary Minor Captain Morotoki

Love IX: 13

Left (Win)

nushi ya tare
minu yo no iro o
fude no susabi ni
ukabu omokage
Who painted you?
Unseen in this present world, hues,
Reflected by
A comforting brush,
Bring her visage before me…

Lord Sada’ie


mizukuki no
ato ni sekioku
taki tsu se o
makoto ni otosu
wa ga namida kana
Faint brush-strokes
Traces place a barrier, but
A cataract in torrents
Truly drops –
My tears…


The Right state: the Left’s poem is rather casual about the person whom he loves. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults we can identify.

In judgement: the Gentlemen of the Right have stated that the Left seems somewhat blasé about the object of his affections, and this is certainly true. The Right’s poem, though, says that the poet is looking at a painting on something like a folding screen, where a waterfall is depicted, and he weeps in reality – this seems like he was simply moved by the painting. I feel that there is a stronger conception of love in seeing a painting and fondly recalling the face of one now long gone, than there is in being moved by the sight of a mountain stream.

Kanpyō no ōntoki kiku awase 4

A chrysanthemum from Tonase in Ōi. Blended with silver, dropped from a waterfall. Although it falls from a great height, it makes no sound.

taki tu se Fa
tada keFu bakari
oto na se so
kiku Fitobana ni
omoFi mo zo masu
O, rushing waters of the cataract
Just on this day alone
Make no sound!
That a single chrysanthemum bloom
May completely fill my thoughts.



Written on the rocks by the waterfall at Provisional Middle Councillor Atsutada’s mountain retreat at Nishi-sakamoto.


seki’irete otosu
taki tu se ni
Fito no kokoro no
mie mo suru kana
On Otowa River
A barrier is placed to drop
A cataract in torrents
And, your heart, perhaps,