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Kanpyō no ōntoki kiku awase 10

A chrysanthemum from the barrier at Meeting Hill.

kono Fana Fa
sekikaFa no
taezu mo miyo to
woreru kiku no e
These flowers
Do never seem to end, as
The river past the barrier gate
Endless appears to flow, so too is
A plucked chrysanthemum stem.


Kanpyō no ōntoki kiku awase 4

A chrysanthemum from Tonase in Ōi. Blended with silver, dropped from a waterfall. Although it falls from a great height, it makes no sound.

taki tu se Fa
tada keFu bakari
oto na se so
kiku Fitobana ni
omoFi mo zo masu
O, rushing waters of the cataract
Just on this day alone
Make no sound!
That a single chrysanthemum bloom
May completely fill my thoughts.