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Tsurayuki-shū 321

On an old woman wiping her face with chrysanthemum dew on the ninth day of the Ninth Month.


kyō made ni
ware o omoeba
kiku no ue no
tsuyu wa chitose no
tama nizarikeru
Up until this day
Have you thought of me, so
Upon the chrysanthemums
These dewdrops, thousand year
Jewels do not seem to be.

Ki no Tsurayuki

Koresada shinnō-ke uta’awase 35


momijiba no
nagaruru aki wa
kawa goto ni
nishiki arau to
hito wa miruramu
The scarlet leaves
Flow and in autumn
By every river
Washing their brocade
Folk can be seen!


hi shi kureba
yoru mo mekareji
kiku no hana
aki suginureba
aubeki mono ka
When the day is here,
At night you do escape my sight,
O, chrysanthemums;
When autumn has passed by,
I wonder shall we meet again?


[1] This poem is included in Gosenshū (VII: 415).

Kanpyō no ōntoki kiku awase 17

Composed on someone passing through chrysanthemums to reach a sage’s dwelling.

nurete Fosu
yamazi no kiku no
tuyu no ma ni
ituka titose wo
ware Fa Fenikemu
Drenched, then drying
On this mountain path with chrysanthemum
Dewdrops—in that little space
Has, somehow, a thousand years
Passed me by?


This poems was included in Kokinshū (V: 273), where it has a somewhat different headnote.

Kanpyō no ōntoki kiku awase 11

The Gentlemen of the Right. These, too, had the sons of the Courtiers Fujiwara no Shigetoki and Hirokage, the Governor of Awa, construct an extremely large suhama upon which all the chrysanthemums were grown together; because the area was cramped when they brought it in, they made preparation to bring it in all at once, attaching wheels to sections, thinking to do it in one, but were startled by the Gentlemen of the Left bringing in their blooms one by one – when all were brought in and assembled together, they made a single charming spectacle, yet though assembled, they were separated and thus seemed incomplete. The initial poem became mixed in with all the others.


yama Fukaku
irinisi mi wo zo
itadura ni
kiku no nioFi ni
Deep within the mountains
Have I entered in;
Idly has
The chrysanthemums’ scent
Brought me to my ease.


Eikyū hyakushu 251

The Ninth Day of the Ninth Month


oru kiku no
tsuyu ni nuretaru
kyō yori ya
chitose no aki ni
awamu to suran
Picked chrysanthemums’
Dew dampens us
Today – will we
For a thousand years of autumns
Decide to meet together?

Higo, from the Residence of the Kyōgoku Regent