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She had this written as a reply when Middle Counsellor Taira no Korenaka sent her a letter for the first time in a long while.


yume to nomi
yo no naka o
nani imasara ni
Simply as a dream
Had I come to think
Of us, so
Why now of all times
Should I be so intrigued?

The Daughter of Takashina no Narinaka

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

Kinkai wakashū 34

After I had had various people compose on the scent of plum carried on the breeze.


ume ga ka o
yume no makura ni
samuru machikeru
haru no yamakaze
The scent of plum
To my pillow, where I lay dreaming
Was beckoned—
Waiting ‘til I awakened did
The mountain breeze in springtime.
Created with Soan.

Love VIII: 21

Left (Win)

fusu i no toko wa
nageku mo katami
nenu mo chigiri o
I do not envy
The boar lounging in his bed:
He may be at ease, yet
Grief, too, is a memento;
Lying sleepless marks our bond…

Lord Sada’ie


ika ni ware
fusu i no toko ni
mi o kaete
yume no hodo dani
chigiri musuban
Somehow I
To a boar lounging in his bed
Would change myself, and
For just a brief dream’s length
Would form a bond with you…

Lord Takanobu

The Gentlemen of the Right state: the initial line of the Left’s poem sounds poor. The sense of the ending, too, is difficult to grasp. The Gentlemen of the Left state: we wonder about the appropriateness of changing oneself into a bed.

In judgement:  both Left and Right refer to ‘a boar lounging in his bed’ (fusu i no toko), and it has been mentioned that the initial line of the Left’s poem sounds poor, and that its ending is difficult to grasp. There really are a number of unacceptable aspects to this poem, are there not, so I cannot add any further words to what has been said. The Right’s poem is not suggesting that one change oneself into a bed. It is saying that one should briefly become a boar, that one might dream briefly of love. How can one possibly see the dream of a boar lying asleep? It certainly seems inferior to ‘not envying a lounging boar’.