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SZS XX: 1278

After he had left Mount Takano, he went to Futamigaura in the province of Ise and, hearing that the sacred mountain in the Grand Shrine was called the Mountain of the Divine Way, he composed this, feeling that Dainichi Nyorai had manifested there.


Fukaku irite
kamudi no woku
mata uwe mo naki
mine no matu kaze
If to the heights
Of the Divine Way
One were to tread,
Still-with nought above
The peak-’twould be the pine-tree wind that blows.

The Monk En’i

SZS XIX: 1231

Composed in the conception of the juryō section [of the Lotus Sutra].


wasi no yama
tuki wo irinu to
miru Fito Fa
kuraki ni mayoFu
kokoro narikeri
Upon the Mount of Eagles
The moon shines down –
Seeing it, a man,
Is lost in darkness,
Within his heart.

The Monk En’i

SZS XV: 928

Topic unknown.


kakaranu Fito mo
aru mono wo
aFare narikeru
mi no tigiri kana
Deep in thoughts of love
And not suffering, someone
There must be, yet
This pitiful state
Does seem to be my fate.

The Monk En’i

SZS IX: 604

When the Monk Saijū died, on hearing that he had been at peace at the last, he composed this and sent it to the Monk En’i.


midarezu to
woFari kiku koso
sate mo wakare Fa
That he had no pain
At the end-to hear that
Pleases me;
Yet in any parting
There is no consolation.

The Monk Jakuzen

SZS IX: 603

When the Monk Saijū, a fellow pilgrim, became ill around Autumn time, seeing he had not long to live, Saigyō composed:


morotomo ni
nagame nagamete
aki no tuki
Fitori ni naramu
koto zo kanasiki
Have we gazed and gazed again
Upon the Autumn moon;
To do it alone
Will be sad indeed.

The Monk En’i