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When Lord Yoshinobu had gone to Ōharano, he met someone whom it seemed strange to find living in such a mountain retreat; when Yoshinobu asked him how he had come to be there:


yo no naka o
somuki ni tote wa
nao uki koto wa
ōhara no sato
“The mundane world
I will abandon,” I said and
Came here, yet
Still are there many sorrows
In this estate at Ōhara.


GSS XIV: 1024

When a man who had long visited a woman at the house of the Sugawara Minister, ceased coming for a while, and then came once more.


sugaFara ya
Fusimi no sato no
aresi yori
kayoFisi Fito no
ato mo taeniki
Sedge fields lie
Around the estate of Fushimi,
All long overgrown;
He who passed across them
Has left no tracks at all…


MYS I: 78

It is said that Her Majesty, when on the way to the capital, Nara, from the Fujiwara palace, had her palanquin halted at Nagaya-no-hara and composed this poem gazing at her former home.


tobu tori no
asuka no sato wo
okite inaba
kimi ga atari pa
miezu kamo aramu
A bird in flight:
If the estate of Asuka
I should leave behind
Then the place you live
I will see no more.

Empress Genmei (660-721)