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GSS XX: 1373

When the gentlemen and ladies of the household of the Minister of the Left were getting dressed for a coming-of-age ceremony.


oFoFara ya
wosiFo no yama no
haya ko takakare
tiyo no kage mimu
At Ōhara,
On Oshio Mountain
The young pine saplings
Will grow swiftly into mighty trees and
See a thousand generations pass!

Ki no Tsurayuki

KYS V: 313

Composed on the conception of Felicitation for a poetry competition held by the Kokiden Consort during the reign of Emperor Go-ichijō.


kimi ga yo Fa
suwe no matuyama no
Farubaru to
kosu siranami no
kazu mo shirarezu
Your Majesty’s reign:
Upon the pine-clad peak of Sué,
So distant
Break whitecaps
In numbers unknown to all!

The Monk Eisei

SKS V: 164

Composed for the Poetry Competition held at the Residence of the Former Uji Grand Minister in Chōgen 8 [1035].


kimi ga yo Fa
sirakumo kakaru
tukubane no
mine no tuduki no
umi to naru made
My Lord’s reign:
White clouds cling
To the peak of Tsukuba;
Until those very heights
Shall sink into the sea!


Sanekata Shū 283

When the Imperial Consort from the Koichijō Estate gave birth to her first son, the third night fell upon he fifth day of the Fifth Month.


iFa no uFe no
ayame ya tiyo wo
keFu mo satuki no
ituka to omoFeba
Atop the rocks,
The sweet-flag will a thousand years
Endure, no doubt;
For this day is the Fifth Month’s
Fifth day, I’m sure.


Composed on a spring by a pine tree in the Sixth Month, for a folding screen for the Daijō Festivities in the Ninth Year of Kenkyū (1199).


tokiwa naru
matsui no mizu o
musubu te no
shizuku goto ni zo
chi yo wa miekeru
In Tokiwa
The waters from the pine-tree spring are
Held in gathered hands-
Every single drop that falls
Shows the passage of a thousand years.

Provisional Middle Councillor [Fujiwara no] Sukezane