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Taikenmon’in Horikawa-shū 134


musubu wo dani mo
wakazu tote
tunogumu nobe ni
neya Fa mirubeki
In fleeceflower
Even if I am entangled
I’ll not part it, but
Where it grows out upon the fields
Must I find my bed!

Taikenmon’in Horikawa

SKKS I: 13

A spring poem, presented in a hundred poem sequence during the reign of former Emperor Sutoku.


wakana tsumu
sode to zo miyuru
kasugano no
tobu hi no nobe no
yuki no muragie
Plucking fresh herbs,
Sleeves do I seem to see
On the plain at Kasuga,
Where the sun dances in the fields
On the patchy snow…

Former Consultant Norinaga

Love II: 27

Left (Win).


kaware tada
wakaruru michi no
nobe no tsuyu
inochi ni mukau
mono mo omowaji
O, change
Upon our parting! The path
Through the dew dropped fields –
How like life:
I would not think such thoughts!

Lord Sada’ie 




wakareji no
arikeru mono o
ōsaka no
seki o nani shi ni
The path after parting
Is such a thing, so
Why to Meeting Hill’s
Barrier Gate do we
Rush to pass in haste?

Lord Tsune’ie


The Gentlemen of the Right state: the diction in the Left’s poem fails to link. The Gentlemen of the Left state: what novelty there is in the Right’s poem!

Shunzei’s judgement: in the Left’s poem it does not appear to me that the diction of the initial section links poorly. ‘How like life’ (inochi ni mukau) does, indeed, appear in the Man’yōshū and other works, but it does not seem that desirable. As for the Right, while it seems that the appearance of Meeting Hill is well understood, saying ‘why to the barrier gate’ (seki o nani shi ni) is inferior to ‘how like life’.