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Love VII: 2


wa ga koi ni
fukasa kuraeba
toyama kana
yoshino no oku no
iwa no kakemichi
My love’s
Depth were you to measure,
Distant mountains, perhaps?
As in the heart of Yoshino, where
The craggy paths are overgrown!

Lord Ari’ie.

Right (Win).

fumi mitemo
narenu keshiki no
tsurenasa ya
yoshino no oku no
iwa no kakemichi
She read my letter – I treading on paths unknown –
And cared not – an unfamiliar scene –
Is her cruelty
As in the heart of Yoshino, where
The craggy paths are overgrown?


The Right state: in the Left’s poem, the expression ‘distant mountains, perhaps’ (toyama kana) sounds poor. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to mention.

In judgement: both Left and Right have precisely identical sections: ‘as in the heart of Yoshino’ (yoshino no oku) and ‘craggy paths are overgrown’ (iwa no kakemichi), but considering the initial sections, it has already been stated that the Left’s sounds poor, while the Right lacks faults. Thus, in accordance with the remarks by the Gentlemen of both teams, the Right is the winner.


Composed and sent to the same place.


mitinoku no
wodae no Fasi ya
kore naramu
Fumi mi Fumazu
mikokoro madoFasu
In Michinoku
Is the bridge of Odae
Such as this?
Trodden then untrodden, letters and then non
It does twist my heart.

Master of the Left Capital Office, Michimasa

Love IV: 8

Left (Win).

itsu shika to
kesa yaru fumi no
koto no ha wa
au ureshisa to
akanu urami to
So swiftly
On this morning, I send a letter and
In its words
The joy of meeting and
My unending despair…

Lord Kanemune.


ima wa tada
koi ni wagami ni
akenu to kikedo
oki zo irarenu
Now, simply
With love I
Am weakened;
Hearing that the dawn has come
I am unable to rise…

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.

The Right state: the Left’s ‘On this morning, I send a letter and in its words’ (kesa yaru fumi no koto no ha) seems utterly plain. Simply composing on the morning after seems somewhat dubious. The Left state: we find nothing to mention in the Right’s poem.

In judgement: although the Right does convey the pathos of love, the Left’s ‘On this morning, I send a letter’ is certainly superior.