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Composed and sent in reply when Fun’ya no Yasuhide became a 3rd rank official in the provincial government of Mikawa and sent to her saying, ‘Why not come out and see this distant duty post of mine?’


mi wo ukikusa no
ne wo taete
sasoFu midu araba
inamu to zo omoFu
In my desolation
I am as duckweed:
Cut my roots and
Take me away-would the water do it,
I should go, I think.

Ono no Komachi

KKS XVI: 846

Composed on the anniversary of the death of the Fukakusa Emperor (Ninmyō (810-850; r. 833-850))


kusa Fukaki
kasumi no tani ni
kage kakusi
teru Fi no kuresi
keFu ni ya Fa aranu
Overgrown with grasses,
Haze fills the valley
Hiding the light
Of the shining sun which set here-
On this day, was it not?

Fun’ya no Yasuhide

KKS I: 8

At time when the Nijō Empress [Kōshi] was known as the Mother of the Crown Prince, on the Third day of the First month, he was summoned to her presence; while giving her orders, she commanded him to compose a poem on the snow falling upon his head while the sun was shining.


Faru no Fi no
Fikari ni ataru
ware naredo
kasira no yuki to
naru zo wabisiki
The spring sun’s
Light strikes
Me but, the
Snow upon my brow

Fun’ya no Yasuhide