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MYS I: 78

It is said that Her Majesty, when on the way to the capital, Nara, from the Fujiwara palace, had her palanquin halted at Nagaya-no-hara and composed this poem gazing at her former home.

飛鳥 明日香能里乎 置而伊奈婆 君之當者 不所見香聞安良武 [一云 君之當乎 不見而香毛安良牟]


tobu tori no
asuka no sato wo
okite inaba
kimi ga atari pa
miezu kamo aramu
A bird in flight:
If the estate of Asuka
I should leave behind,
Then my Lord’s lands
I will see no more.

Empress Genmei (660-721)

SKKS X: 896

Written in the third month of the third year of Wado (711) when moving from the Fujiwara palace to Nara.


tobu tori no
asuka no sato o
kimi ga atari wa
miezu kamo aran
With the flying birds
Of Asuka estate
Left far behind,
My Lord’s resting place
Is gone from view, I’d say.

Empress Genmei (661-721, r. 707-715)