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Love VIII: 2

Left (Win)

ima wa sa wa
aware to omoe
suga no ne no
nagaki kokoro no
hodo wa mitsuran
Now, indeed, let you
Think fondly of me!
The grasses’ roots run
Long, my heart’s
Love will you see…

Lord Suetsune


yo to tomo ni
kawaku ma mo naki
wa ga sode ya
shioi mo wakanu
nami no shitagusa
With the passing time,
Not a moment dry
Are my sleeves;
Low tide does not reveal
The seaweed beneath the waves…

Lord Takanobu

The Right state: the Left’s poem has no faults to indicate. The Left state: the Right’s poem is clichéd.

In judgement: the Right, in addition to being clichéd, can say no more than that love means wet sleeves. The Left’s ‘grasses’ roots’ (suga no ne) is certainly better.

MYS XIX: 4172

In Kanpyō-Shōhō 2 [750], on the 24th day of the Third Month, it would be near to the beginning of summer in the Fourth Month, so he composed these two poems when, on the evening of the 23rd day,  he suddenly thought of a cuckoo calling at dawn.


kinaki toyomeba
kusa toramu
panatatibana wo
yado ni wa uwezute
When the cuckoo
Arrives, his resounding song
Sends me gathering grasses,
For orange blossom
Has not been planted in my grounds…

Ōtomo no Yakamochi

Bunji roku nen nyōgo judai waka 129


hikazu yuku
nohara shinohara
natsu fukashi
wake’iru sode no
tsuyu no kusazuri
The days go by, and
Upon the plains and bamboo groves
Summer lies deep;
Sleeves forging through are
Dyed by dewy grasses.

Fujiwara no Shunzei