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GYS VI: 918

Composed on plovers.


oki tsu shio
sashide no iso no
hama chidori
kaze samukarashi
yowa ni tomo yobu
From the offing the tides
Strike the shore at Sashide;
On the beach plovers,
Chilled by the wind
Call for their mates at midnight.

Supernumerary Middle Counsellor [Fujiwara no] Nagakata (1139-1191)

Plovers and a sand piper.

MYS II: 141

Two poems composed by Prince Arima, on feeling sorrowful and tying the branches of a pine tree together.


ipasiro no
pamamatu ga e wo
masakiku araba
At Iwashiro,
A beach-pine’s branches
I draw and bind together;
If fortune favours me,
I’ll return to see them once more…

Prince Arima

SIS IX: 552

In the Tenryaku period, when the Ichijō Regent [Fujiwara no Koretada] was Head Chamberlain, His Majesty lost his belt to him while playing go. The games continued, and Koretada’s losses mounted, so His Majesty composed this poem to ask for the return of his belt.


siranami no
uti ya kaFesu to
matu Fodo ni
Fama no masago no
kazu zo tumoreru
Wondering when the whitecaps
Will return, and
While waiting
The grains of sand upon the beach
Increase in number!

Emperor Murakami


Composed in the conception of travel, when he presented a hundred poem sequence.


azumadi no
nozima ga saki no
Famakaze ni
wa ga Fimo yuFisi
imo ga kaFo nomi
omokage ni miyu
On Eastern roads
At Nojima Point
In the breeze from off the beach:
My belt was tied
By my darling, her face,
A vision, appears before me…

Master of the Left Capital Office, Akisuke