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Eikyū hyakushu 418

When Spring Arrives in the Old Year 旧年立春


tani no to o
idezu to nake ya
uguisu wa
toshi mo akenu ni
haru wa kinikeri
Will ‘From the valley’s mouth
Come not!’ you sing?
O, warbler, for
The year has not yet dawned, though
Spring has come.


Eikyū hyakushu 414

When Spring Arrives in the Old Year 旧年立春


toshi suguru
yamabe na kome so
sa koso wa haru to
tomo ni tatsu tomo
The year’s passage shows
On the mountain slopes – enfold them not,
O, morning haze!
For truly, it is as spring’s
Companion that you should rise…


KKS II: 95

When he had gone to the northern hills to view the blossom, he sent this to the residence of the Un’rin-in Prince.[1]


iza keFu Fa
Faru no yamabe ni
kurenaba nage no
Fana no kage ka Fa
So, on this day
Into the springtime mountains
Let us tread!
For even should dusk fall, brief
Would the blossoms glow be? Surely not!


[1] Imperial Prince Tsuneyasu 常康親王 (?-869), the seventh son of Emperor Ninmyō.