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KKS II: 95

When he had gone to the northern hills to view the blossom, he sent this to the residence of the Un’rin-in Prince.[1]


iza keFu Fa
Faru no yamabe ni
kurenaba nage no
Fana no kage ka Fa
So, on this day
Into the springtime mountains
Let us tread!
For even should dusk fall, brief
Would the blossoms glow be? Surely not!


[1] Imperial Prince Tsuneyasu 常康親王 (?-869), the seventh son of Emperor Ninmyō.

KKS II: 80

At a time when she was unwell and suffering, thinking that it might caused by the wind, she kept the shutters closed; at this time she saw how some cherry blossom, which had been picked and put in a vase, scattered, and composed:


tare komete
Faru no yukewe mo
siranu ma ni
matisi sakura mo
While closed in and
Of the progress of spring
All knowing,
These long-awaited cherries, too,
Have faded.

Fujiwara no Yoruka

KKS I: 46

A poem from a poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, during the Kanpyō period.


mume ga ka wo
sode ni utusite
Faru Fa sugutomo
katami naramasi
If only the plums’ scent
Would shift to my sleeves and
Stay there, then
Even when spring is past and gone
A keepsake would it be…