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SKKS I: 40

Composed in a fifty poem sequence at the house of the Monk Prince Shukaku.


ôzora wa
mume no nioi ni
kumori mo hatenu
haru no yo no tsuki
In the firmament
The scent of plum
Is in the spreading haze;
The clouds have yet to cover
The moon on this spring night.

Fujiwara no Sada’ie

SKKS I: 36

Composed on the desires of Spring in a village by the water, when the gentlemen of the court were composing Chinese poems and Japanese to match them.


yama moto kasumu
yūbe wa aki to
nani omoiken
When I gaze across
The haze-shrouded mountains’ feet, to
The river Minase:
The evening is Autumn time –
I wonder why I felt so…

The Retired Emperor [Gotoba (1180-1239; r. 1183-1198)]