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KKS II: 119

A party of ladies on their way home from Shiga came into the precincts of the Kazan temple and stood for a while beneath the wisteria; when they had gone, he composed this and sent it to them.


yoso ni mite
kaFeran Fito ni
Fudi no Fana
FaFimatuFare yo
eda Fa oru tomo
A casual glance, and
Then those girls are gone;
O, wisteria blooms,
Twine around and hold them here,
Though your branches break…

Archbishop Henjō

KKS I: 27

Composed on a willow near the great Western Temple.


ito yorikakete
shiratuyu wo
tama ni mo nukeru
Faru no yanagi ka
Pale green
Threads entwining and
With white dew
Jewels a’strung –
That is a willow in springtime!

Archbishop Henjō


Topic unknown.


sue no tsuyu
moto no shizuku ya
yo no naka no
okure sakidatsu
tameshi naruran
The dewfall on the tips, or
The droplets on the roots: for
This world of ours, where
We die, go on ahead,
I wonder, are they a model?

Archbishop Henjō

SIS XVI: 1043

In Spring, His Majesty, the Priestly Retired Emperor [Uda] was at Hanayama; when he was about to return home:


mate to iFaba
ito mo kasikosi
Fanayama ni
sibasi to nakan
tori no ne mo gana
Should I say to wait,
It would be impertinent;
In Hanayama
‘ Linger but a while,’ call
The birds-or I wish they did.

Archbishop Henjō

GSS XVII: 1238

When he was setting out to climb a mountain.


ima sara ni
ware Fa kaFerazi
taki mitutu
yobedo kikazu to
toFaba kotaFeyo
From this point on
I shall not return;
We saw the falls
And called him, but he did not hear-
Should anyone so enquire, tell them that.

Archbishop Henjō

GSS XVII: 1195

Once she had gone to a temple called Isonokami and, when it grew dark, she decided to return home with the dawn and stayed the night; someone said, ‘Henjō is here,’ so she sent him this to see what his reaction would be.


iFa no uFe
tabine wo sureba
ito samusi
koke no koromo wo
ware ni kasanan
Atop this crag
I am to spend a traveller’s night;
So cold!
Your robes of moss,
Won’t you lend me?

Ono no Komachi