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SZS IV: 249

Topic unknown.


miyagino no
Fagi ya wosika no
tuma naran
Fana sakisi yori
kowe no iro naru
On Miyagi plain
Has the bush clover the stag’s
Bride become?
For since the blossom bloomed
His cry takes on its passionate hue.

Fujiwara no Mototoshi

Love VI: 15


kokoro ai no
kaze izukata e
ware ni wa chirasu
koto no ha mo nashi
This pleasant
Breeze: whither
Does it blow?
To me not one scattered
Leaf or word has it delivered.


Right (Win).

iro ni idashi
koto no ha mo mina
namida o chirasu
kaze no oto kana
The bright hues of passion
In these leaves and your words
Have all withered away;
Tears scattering with
The sound of the wind…

Lord Takanobu.

The Right state: ‘Breeze: whither’ (kaze izukata e) seems lacking. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to indicate.

In judgement: in the Left’s poem, I wonder whether ‘breeze: wither’ really is lacking. ‘This pleasant’ (kokoro no ai) would seem to be an expression deriving from ‘At the head of the road’. I seem to recall it coming after ‘In Kofu in Takefu / Will I be’, but that is not a suitable source. The Right’s poem, as the Gentlemen of the Left have said, appears to have no faults. It should win.


When the same former Emperor [Koichijō] had gone to reside with the Takamatsu Consort, and his visits to her had become intermittent, she composed this on hearing the wind blowing strongly through the pines.


matukaze Fa
iro ya midori ni
mono’omoFu Fito no
mi ni zo siminuru
Does the wind through the pines
Take on a hue of green
As it blows?
That one so sunk in gloomy thought
It so deeply dyes…

The Horikawa Consort 堀川女御
[Fujiwara no Nobuko/Enshi 藤原延子 (985-1019)

GSIS X: 536

During the reign of former Emperor Ichijō, after Her Majesty, the Empress had passed away, when some letters were found tied with the cord that had been used to hold back her curtain of state, these were among three poems written down when His Majesty’s expression indicated he would like to see them.


tigirisi koto wo
koFimu namida no
iro zo yukasiki
All throughout the night
We vowed, and
If I forget it not,
Our tears of love’s
Hue is all my longing!


SKS VII: 218

Composed for the Poetry Competition held at the Residence of Middle Councillor Toshitada.


kurenawi no
kosome no koromo
uFe ni kimu
koFi no namida  no
iro kakuru ya to
In scarlet
Deeply dyed, a robe
Would I put on
That my tears of love’s
Hue be concealed!

Fujiwara no Akitsuna