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Love X: 27

Left (Win)

yamatoji ya
karu no ichime ni
koto towan
au ni tsurasa o
ikaga kaubeki
On the road to Yamato,
At Karu, of a merchant-girl
I do enquire:
For a meeting, this pain
How can I trade?

Lord Suetsune


ichime mo sakoso
kokoro o kaete
omoishiru kana
All day long
The merchant-girl does also
Seem to grieve;
Trade your heart for hers and
You will know it, too!

Lord Tsune’ie

Left and Right state: ‘merchant-girl’ (ichime) is undesirable.

In judgement: both poems refer to a ‘merchant-girl’, and although there does not seem to be a great deal of stylistic difference between them, the Right’s ‘the merchant-girl does also seem to grieve’ (ichime mo sakoso nagekurame) does not make it make it clear what she is grieving about. While the Left’s ‘at Karu, of a merchant-girl’ (karu no ichime) is overblown, ‘for a meeting, this pain’ (au ni tsurasa) makes this clear. The Left should win.