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SZS XIV: 858

Composed as a love poem when a hundred poem sequence was presented to former Emperor Sutoku.


koFi wo nomi
sugata no ike ni
mikusa wite
sumade yaminamu
na koso woshikere
Our love is simply
Form – Sugata Pond
Fills with waterweed, and
Grows stagnant – such an ending
Leaves only regret…

Ikuhōmon’in no Aki

This poem is also Kyūan hyakushu 1266.

MYS VII: 1276


ike no pe no
wotuki no sita no
sino na kari so ne
sore wo dani
kimi ga katami ni
mitutu sinopamu
Beside the pond,
Beneath the young zelkova tree,
Reap not the arrow bamboo!
For that, alone,
Is my keepsake of you, and
I would gaze on it and remember what is gone…

Hitomaro kashū

MYS XVI: 3835

A poem presented to Imperial Prince Niitabe.


katumata no
ike pa ware siru
patisu nasi
sika ipu kimi ga
pige naki gotosi
Pond, I do know well:
It has no lotus;
And you say so, my Lord,
Have no beard, either!

A certain person has told me they had heard the following about this poem: Prince Niitabe had left the precincts of the capital for a pleasure trip and, on seeing Kasumata Pond, was deeply moved. On his return, his interest in the pond did not abate. Then, he said to a lady, ‘If you saw Katsumata Pond, where I went today, words could not describe the sight of the light reflecting brilliantly from the surface of the waters, and special beauty of the lotus flowers, which were in full bloom.’ Then the lady composed this humourous poem and sang it to him.