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Love V: 2

Left (Tie).

aimite mo
mi ni ya wa toshi no
wa ga oiraku ni
nashi to kotauna
Even should you meet me
Upon you the years
Would the years pile up?
So to this old man
I would not have you say no…

Lord Ari’ie.


oiso no mori no
taedemo iro ni
idenikeru kana
Although they may be hidden in
The sacred grove of Oiso,
The pale scarlet leaves’
Hues may not endure, but
Still have appeared…

The Provisional Master of the Empress Household Office.

The Right state: the Left’s poem’s conception is vague. The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to indicate.

In judgement: the Left is unclear in style, but the configuration of ‘upon you the years’ (mi ni ya wa toshi no) is pleasant. Although one wonders why ‘pale scarlet leaves’ (usumomiji) is used, the following ‘hues may not endure’ (taedemo iro ni) is elegant. The round should tie.

SIS III: 198

Composed for a folding screen in the residence of Nishinomiya Minister of the Left [Minamoto no Taka’akira (914-983)], to accompany an image of a group of women in travelling clothes among the autumn leaves on the path across the Shiga Mountains.


na wo kikeba
mukasi nagara no
yama naredo
sigururu aki Fa
iro masarikeri
When I hear its name,
Long ago as now
This mountain is, yet
In the autumn drizzle
Are its colours supreme!

Minamoto no Shitagō (911-983)

SKS VII: 218

Composed for the Poetry Competition held at the Residence of Middle Councillor Toshitada.


kurenawi no
kosome no koromo
uFe ni kimu
koFi no namida  no
iro kakuru ya to
In scarlet
Deeply dyed, a robe
Would I put on
That my tears of love’s
Hue be concealed!

Fujiwara no Akitsuna