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Spring I: 1

Left (Tie).


aratama no
toshi o kumoi ni
mukau tote
kyô morobito ni
miki tamau nari
To the fresh-jewelled
Year does the cloud-borne Palace
This day, on many folk
Will the esteemed draught be bestowed!

A Servant Girl

Right (Tie).


momoshiki ya
haru o mukauru
sakazuki ni
kimi ga chitose no
kage zo utsureru
Hundred-fold, the Palace, to
Spring does turn!
Within the wine cups,
His Majesty’s one thousand years
Does show its form!


The Right find no faults in the Left’s poem this round. The Left state that the conception [kokoro] of the Right’s poem is incorrect for the topic of Festivals on New Year’s Day. It suggests, rather, the Migusuri rites.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s poem starts with ‘To the fresh-jewelled’ (aratama no) which is approprate for the first poem in the first round, but concludes with ‘Will the esteemed draught be bestowed!’ (miki tamau nari), which is extremely pedestrian diction [muge ni tada kotoba ni haberan]. The Left have stated that the Right’s poem lacks the conception of the festivals [en no kokoro naki]. That may be the case, but still I wonder if it is lacking as a festival poem? It does refer to celebration. The round should tie.