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SKKS I: 87

Composed as a spring poem, when he presented poems to the Poetry Office.


kazuragi ya
takama no sakura
tatsuta no oku ni
kakaru shirakumo
In Kazuragi,
On Takama peak the cherry
Has bloomed!
To the heart of Tatsuta
Cling clouds of white…[1]


A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

[1] An allusive variation on KKS I: 59 and Wakan rōeishū II: 409/SKKS XI: 990.

SZS I: 56

As a poem on blossom, when he presented a hundred poem sequence to Former Emperor Sutoku.


kaduragi ya
takama no yama no
kumowi no yoso ni
mite ya suginan
In Kazuragi
On the peak of Takama are
Cherry blossoms:
Being beyond the clouds
Should I overlook them?

Master of the Left Capital Office Akisuke

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

Eikyū hyakushu 458

Lacking a Glimpse of Love Letters 不見書恋


kazuragi ya
kume no iwabashi
fumi minedo
watarigatashi to
sora shiritsutsu
At Kazuragi stands
Kume’s broken stony bridge:
No sight of letters from you, yet
How hard it is to cross – that
The skies do ever know…


Love VII: 29


kazuragi ya
kumeji no hashi ni
taenuru naka wa
wataru mono ka wa
At Kazuragi
The bridge of Kumeji
It is not, yet
Can a relationship that’s done
Ever continue on?

Lord Suetsune

Right (Win).

kazuragi ya
watashi mo hatenu
iwabashi mo
yoru no chigiri wa
ari to koso kike
At Kazuragi lies
The unfinished
Bridge of stone:
A vow at night
There was, I hear!


Both Left and Right state: we find no faults to mention.

In judgement: both poems refer to ‘the bridge of Kazuragi, while the Left has ‘a relationship that’s done’ (taenuru naka). As the bridge, from the very beginning, was never finished, it is not appropriate to say that it is ‘done’. ‘A vow at night’ (yoru no chigiri) seems to be referring to Kodaigimi’s ‘cannot endure’ (taenubeshi). The Right has certainly matched the conception of the bridge. Thus, I make the Right the winner.

MYS VI: 1009

A poem composed in winter in the Eleventh Month, by His Majesty, when the Major Controller of the Left, Prince Kazuragi, and others, were granted the name Tachibana.


tatibana pa
mi sape pana sape
sono pa sape
e ni simo puredo
iya toko pa no ki
O, orange tree:
Fruit and flowers both,
And leaves, too,
Even should frost fall on your branches
Evegreen will you be!

The above poem was composed in winter, on the 9th day of the Eleventh Month, after Prince Kazuragi, Junior Third Rank, and Prince Sai, Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade, among others, surrendered their membership of the imperial family and were granted the name of Tachibana. At that time Former Emperor [Genshō], the Emperor [Shōmu], and Empress [Kōmyō], were present in the Empress’ quarters, and hosted a banquet at which poems celebrating the name of Tachibana were composed, and sake was presented to the new members of the family. It is alternatively said, ‘This poem was composed by the Former Emperor. In addition, the Emperor and the Empress each composed a single poem. Those poems were lost and cannot now be located.’ If one seeks copies of the documents now, they say that on the 9th day of the Eleventh Month [Tenpyō] 8 [736], Prince Kazuragi and other submitted a request to the throne to be granted the name of Tachibana. On the 17th day the request was granted.