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SIS XX: 1309

In the final month of the year in which the wife of Middle Councillor Kanesuke had died, Tsurayuki paid him a visit and composed this while they were talking sadly.


koFuru ma ni
tosi no kurenaba
nakibito no
wakare ya itodo
While thinking fondly of her
Should the year come to an end,
She, who’s dead,
Will be parted even
Further from us…

Ki no Tsurayuki


During the same reign, when there was an imperial excursion and His Majesty commanded the composition of poems.


kaFabe no matu ni
koto toFamu
kakaru miyuki ya
arisi mukasi mo
At Ōigawa:
O, pine trees on the bank
I would ask you something:
Was there ever such an imperial visit
In the days of long ago?

Ki no Tsurayuki

KKS II: 115

While on the path across the Shiga Mountains, he met a large number of women, and later composed this and sent it to them.


adusa yumi
Faru no yamabe o
miti mo sariaFezu
Fana zo tirikeru
A catalpa bow
When the springtime mountains
I traverse
I cannot pass along the way
So many flowers have fallen!