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Fubokushō II: 380


kimi ni to si
uguFisu no
hana no kusige mo
For my Lady did
I fondly think, so
The warbler’s
Comb box of blossom
I do not regret at all…


It is said that she composed this poem and sent it, together with some budding scarlet plum blossom to the residence of the Kujō Lady of the Bedchamber when Her Highness held a little box match.

MYS II: 114

A poem composed by Princess Tajima, when she was staying at the palace of Prince Takechi, and thinking fondly of Prince Hozumi.


aki no ta no
po mukiyoreru
katayori ni
kimi ni yori na na
kotitaku ari to mo
In the autumn fields
The ripened ears incline
Toward me all together;
Just as I would beckon you, my love,
Heedless of stinging rumours…

Princess Tajima ( -708)