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Koresada shinnō-ke uta’awase 6


shigure furu
aki no yamabe o
yuku toki wa
kokoro ni mo aranu
sode zo hichikeru
Drizzle falls
In autumn on the mountain meadows;
And when I travel there
Not my heart, but
My sleeves are truly drenched.



toshi goto ni
ikanaru tsuyu no
okeba kamo
aki no yamabe no
iro kokaruramu
Every single year
However many dewdrops
May fall
The autumn mountain meadows
Turn to richer hues, it seems.


Koresada shinnō-ke uta’awase 5


hisakata no
ama teru tsuki no
kimi ga miyo oba
tomo ni to zo omou
The eternal
Heaven-shining moon is
So clear that
My Lord’s reign
Lives together with it in my thoughts!



yoiyoi ni
aki no kusaba ni
oku tsuyu no
tama ni nukamu to
toreba kietsutsu
Night after night
Upon the blades of autumn grass
Fall dewdrops;
I would thread those jewels, but
At a touch, ever do they vanish away…


[1] This poem is also Shinsenzaishū 316, where it is attributed to Ōshikōchi no Mitsune.

San’i minamoto no hirotsune ason uta’awase 11

Round Eleven: The scent of blossom in the fields at dusk



miyagino ya
shiruku mo niou
yū magure kana
To Miyagi Plain
Have come visiting
The asters?
So startling their scent
In the twilight dusk!

Ōe no Masasuke, Student of Law[1]



ima yori wa
isogi mo yukaji
irihi sasu
noyama no hana zo
More than this moment
There seems no purpose in haste, as
The setting sun shines
The blossom in the mountain meadows
Has a scent sublime.

Lord Tadamoto

[1] Ōe no Masasuke 大江盛佐. The identity of this individual remains uncertain, as he does not appear in the genealogy of the Ōe family. There was, however, a Fujiwara no Masasuke 藤原盛佐, who was appointed to the position of Senior Secretary of the Echizen province on the 23rd day of the First Month Kōji 康治 1 [10.2.1142], some forty years after this contest was held. The title used for Masasuke here, Student of Law (myōbōshō 明法生) indicates that he was enrolled in the Law department of the imperial university (daigakuryō 大学寮) at the time, and so would have been a young man. It is possible that for a minor noble it could take decades to gain an appointment to a provincial administration, so it is possible that this is Fujiwara no Masasuke, but this remains speculation. In any case this is his sole poem in a poetry competition.