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Horikawa hyakushu 1412


ashigara no
yama no momijiba
chiru nae ni
kiyomi ga seki wa
akikaze zo fuku
At Ashigara,
The mountain is all scarlet leaves:
Just when they fall, at
The barrier of Kiyomi
Blows the autumn wind.

Minamoto no Moroyori (1068-1139)

MYS V: 871

Lord Ōtomo no Sadehiko, on receiving a special imperial command, was sent to a distant land as an ambassador. Readying his boat, he set sail and gradually became more distant on the aquamarine surface of the sea. His wife, Matsura no Sayohime, grieving at how easily people were parted in this world, sorrowed at the thought of how difficult it would be to meet her husband once more. So, she climbed to the top of Mount Takayama and, gazing at the boat growing ever more distant, in an extreme of loss cut open her belly, feeling that her soul was gone and the world was in darkness before her eyes. Then, at the last, she waved her stole. Of the folk who accompanied her, there was not one who was not in tears. It was from these events that the peak became known as Mount Hirefuri (‘Stole-wave’), and this poem was composed.


topo tsu pito
matura sayopime
tumagopi ni
pire purisi yori
operu yama no na
A distant man
Awaiting, did Matsura no Sayohime
Loving her man
Wave her stole, and ever since
Has this mountain borne that name!

SKKS IV: 288

A poem composed for a screen for the consort who entered the palace in the sixth year of Bunji (1190).


itsumo kiku
fumoto no sato to
kinō ni kawaru
yama oroshi no kaze
Ever does one hear it,
Dwelling at the mountain’s foot
I feel, yet
’ Tis changed since yesterday:
The wind storming down the mountain.

The Gotokudaiji Minister of the Left [Fujiwara no Sanesada](1139-1191)