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Uhyōe shōjō sadafumi uta’awase 5

Gazing at snow on the mountain pines in the morning (秋山望松雪)



ori mo sezu
kumo mo kakaranu
yama no Fa ni
matu no uFe naru
yuki koso mire
Not descending
The clouds cling not
To the mountains’ edge where
Upon the pines
I clearly see the snow.




yama no Fa no
sayaka ni tereru
asita ni Fa
matu ni kakareru
yuki mo miekeru
The mountains’ edge is
Brightly shining
In the morning:
Clinging to the pines
I can see the snow.


Aru tokoro no uta’awase – Shōtai 4-nen 15-ya

Shinpen kokka taikan no.
Heian-chō uta’awase taisei no.12
Romanised TitleAru tokoro no uta’awase
Translated TitlePoetry Contest held in a Certain Place
Alternative Title(s)
DateNight, 15/8 Shōtai 4 [30.9.901]
Extant Poems2
Identifiable Participants

Only the date of this contest remains, along with two of its poems. Given the season, it would clearly have been an autumn-themed event and, as the 15th day of the Eighth Month was when conventionally the moon was at its brightest, it is not surprising that it seems to have been held at night, and contained at least some poems where the moon was a theme.

Of the two surviving poems, one was included in Fubokushō (XIV: 5840), while the other is only recorded here.


Furu no yasiro ni
haFu kuzu mo
aki ni shi nareba
iro kaFarikeri
In Isonokami
At the ancient shrine of Furu
Even the creeping kudzu vine
When the autumn comes
Does change its hues.




yama no Fa mo
momidite tirinu
tukikage no
kakururu tokoro
Along the mountains’ edge
Scarlet leaves have scattered
In the moonlight
A place concealed
Is there none, at all.


SKKS I: 65

A poem from the Poetry Contest held by the Empress Dowager during the reign of the Kanpyō emperor.


mizu no omo ni
ayaori midaru
harusame ya
yama no midori o
nabete somuran
Upon the water’s surface
A confusing pattern paints
The rain of spring—
Will it now the mountains
All dye with green, I wonder?

Ōchikōchi no Mitsune

KKS II: 118

A poem from a poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, during the Kanpyō period.


Fuku kaze to
tani no midu to si
miyama gakure no
Fana wo mimasi ya
The gusting wind and
The valley’s waters
Were there none, then
Hidden in the mountains’ depths
These blossoms – would any wish to see them?


KKS II: 103

A poem from a poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, during the Kanpyō period.


kasumi tatu
Faru no yamabe Fa
Fukikuru kaze Fa
Fana no ka zo suru
Hazes rise
Round the mountains’ sides,
So far away, and yet
The gusting breeze comes
Bearing the scent of blossom.

Ariwara no Motokata