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SKKS XVI: 1491

When the moon was shining brightly, when a shower-filled sky had cleared.


samidare no
sora dani sumeru
tsukikage ni
namida no ame wa
haruru ma mo nashi
Showers filled
The sky, yet even they end with bright
Moonlight, yet
The rainfall of my tears
Clears for not a moment.

Akazome Emon

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

SZS IX: 566

When she was in attendance on Empress Akiko, Her Majesty’s mien was that of recollecting a certain situation with His Majesty, Former Emperor Ichijō, so she presented this the following morning, after she had withdrawn from Her Majesty’s presence.


tune yori mo
mata nuresoFisi
tamoto kana
mukasi wo kakete
wotisi namida ni
More than ever,
Soaked through are
My sleeves!
For bygone days I stored up
The tears I let fall now…

Akazome Emon

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

SKKS XII: 1102

Composed on the conception of hidden love, when various people were ordered to produce hundred poem sequences by the Lay Priest and Former Regent, when he was Minister of the Right.


nochi no yo o
nageku namida to
shibori ya semashi
sumizome no sode
My life to come brings
These grieving tears—
Should that be my excuse,as
I wring out
My ink-dyed sleeves?

Senior Assistant Governor-General of Dazai, Shige’ie

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

Jidai fudō uta’awase 44

Round Forty-Four



mukashi seshi
wa ga kanegoto no
kanashiki wa
ika ni chigirishi
Long ago did
I promise, but
Might the sadness
Of how I did once vow
Be my only keepsake?




katami tote
mireba namida no
nani nakanaka no
‘For a keepsake,’ I think and
Gaze, but my tears are
As peonies—
Why do they so
Brightly shine?


[i] GSS XI: 710: Taira no Sadafun had been conversing with a lady at the residence of Major Counsellor Kunitsune in great secrecy and matters had progressed to the point that they had vowed to be with each other to the end, when the lady was abruptly welcomed into the residence of the late Grand Minister, so he had no way at all of even exchanging letters with her; thus, when the lady’s five year old child was playing in the western wing of the minister’s mansion, Sadafun called her over and saying, ‘Show this to your mother,’ wrote this on her upper arm.

[ii] The text of this contest appears to be the only occurrence of this poem in the waka canon, so it is unclear where Gotoba may have encountered it.