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KYS IV: 284

Composed on the conception of snow as part of a hundred poem sequence.


ika ni semu
suwe no matuyama
nami kosaba
mine no Fatuyuki
kie mo koso sure
What am I to do?
If upon the pine-clad peak of Sué
The waves should break,
The first snows upon the peak
Would vanish clear away!

Minister of the Treasury [Ōe no] Masafusa

SKKS IX: 876

Sent to someone in the capital to say he was going down to Mimasaka around the Seventh Month.


miyako o ba
aki to tomo ni zo
yodo no kawagiri
iku yo hedatetsu
From the capital,
Along with Autumn’s
First days I left;
The river mists upon the Yodo,
Are now several nights away.

Former Middle Councillor [Ōe no] Masafusa


Composed in the Second year of Jōryaku (1079) at the Palace poetry competition, on the spirit of Felicitation.


kimi ga yo wa
watarai ya
isuzu no kawa no
nagare taesede
My Lord’s reign
Will last eternally, I’m sure; as
At Watarai
The Isuzu River
Flows on, unceasing.

Former Middle Councillor [Ōe no] Masafusa