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MYS XIX: 4172

In Kanpyō-Shōhō 2 [750], on the 24th day of the Third Month, it would be near to the beginning of summer in the Fourth Month, so he composed these two poems when, on the evening of the 23rd day,  he suddenly thought of a cuckoo calling at dawn.


kinaki toyomeba
kusa toramu
panatatibana wo
yado ni wa uwezute
When the cuckoo
Arrives, his resounding song
Sends me gathering grasses,
For orange blossom
Has not been planted in my grounds…

Ōtomo no Yakamochi

Summer II: 6

Left (Win).


tachibana no
nioi o kaze no
mukashi ni kaesu
yowa no sagoromo
Orange blossom
Scent upon the breeze
Me back to times gone by,
In my night-time garb…

Lord Ari’ie.




noki chikaki
hana tachibana ni
kaze sugite
nioi o nokosu
semi no hagoromo
Close by my eaves
The orange blossom
Brushed by the breeze
Leaves its scent upon
The cicada’s gossamer garb.

Lord Takanobu.


The Right team have no particular criticisms to make this round. The Left, however, say that, ‘the expression “the orange blossom brushed by the breeze” (hana tachibana ni kaze sugite) sounds old-fashioned. Furthermore, “cicada’s gossamer garb” (semi no hagoromo) seems somewhat unexpected.’

Shunzei seems to agree, simply saying, ‘The Left’s “urges me back to times gone by, in my night-time garb’ (mukashi ni kaesu yowa no sagoromo) seems particularly fine. It must win.’

Summer II: 2

Left (Tie).


semi no hagoromo
atsuki made
ikani nariyuku
natsu no hikazu zo
Stripped off to change,
A cicada-silk robe, yet
Why, this heavy hotness
Do I feel?
As the summer days go on…

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Tie).


tachibana no
nioi mo fukashi
hana yue tare ka
Orange blossom
Scent lies thick
Upon my summer garb;
For the cherry blossom’s sake
Should I begin to hate it?



The Right state they find themselves ‘unable to agree’ with the Left’s ‘Why, this heavy heat do I feel?’ (atsuki made ikani nariyuku), while the Left remark that ‘it is perhaps too similar to introduce a poem with “orange blossom” (tachibana) and conclude it with “cherry blossom” (hana).’

Shunzei simply asks, ‘Can the Left’s “do I feel” really be disagreeble? The Right’s “For the cherry blossom’s sake should I begin to hate it?” (hana yue tare ka itoisomeken) recollects the poem on “regret on changing clothes” by Minamoto no Shigeyuki, does it not? Furthermore, it is not implying that summer garb is necessarily fragranced by orange blossom. I question, though,the Left’s use of “heat”. The round should, therefore, tie.’

Sanekata Shū 154

On hearing that a lady had begun conversing with another person, despising a man who visited her only at lengthy intervals.


Fana tatibana no
ka wo utomi
koto kataraFu to
kiku Fa makoto ka
Does a cuckoo
The orange blossoms’
Scent disregard and
Sing elsewhere?
I’ve heard it but, can it be true?