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SKKS XII: 1134

On the conception of love, in a hundred poem sequence.


au koto no
munashiki sora no
ukigumo wa
mi o shiru ame no
tayori narikeri
Meeting you is
A vain hope—empty as the skies, where
Drifting clouds are
The rainfall of my misery’s

Prince Kore’akira

An allusive variation on KKS XIV: 705.

Ikuhōmon’in no Aki-shū 54

Around the last day of the Fifth Month, when she had been lying awake all night, filled with gloomy thoughts.


kagiri areba
koyoi ni tsukinu
samidare mo
mi o shiru ame wa
itsuka o yaman
All things have an end, so
This night’s endless
The rainfall of my misery—
O, when might they cease to fall?

Lady Aki, in service to the Empress Ikuhōmon’in

Love VI: 24

Left (Win).

fukaki yo no
noki no shizuku o
nao amari nuru
sode no ame kana
Late at night,
From my eaves the droplets
I number up, but
Still much more drenching
Is the rainfall on my sleeves.

A Servant Girl.


kumo tozuru
yado no nokiba no
yū nagame
koi yori amaru
ame no oto kana
Closed in with cloud,
From my dwelling’s eaves
I gaze out in the evening;
Overwhelming my love
Is the sound of rain…


The Right state: the Left’s poem has no faults. The Left state: we do not understand the Right’s poem at all.

In judgement: the Left’s poem commences with ‘late at night’ (fukaki yo no) and then continues with mention of raindrops – this sounds extremely effective. The Right’s poem, too, starts ‘closed in with cloud’ (kumo tozuru) and concludes with ‘the sound of rain’ (ame no oto kana), which sounds charming, but because the poem is said to be ‘incomprehensible’ or ‘grating on the ear’, despite being one with both a significant conception and an unusual sound, there is no reason for me to shoehorn in my own views, even if much has been overlooked, so this round I will leave it at, the Right is entirely incomprehensible and the Left without fault. Thus, the Left wins.