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Sanekata Shū 346

On the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month, on the feelings of the Weaver Maid at parting:


mateba tanomosi
tanabata no
kono yo ni aFanu
naka wo ikani semu
Though they must part
If she but waits, trust can
The Weaver Maid;
Unmet this night,
What is to become of us…

Sanekata Shū 339

I was unable to meet with a lady, with whom I had been conversing, for some time due to a hindrance, and hearing that she had said I was probably unwell:


aya na waga
omoFi waduraFu
koto mo nasi
aFanu bakari ya
Absurd, indeed! I
For suffering
Have no cause;
Not meeting you, is all
That would bring me pain…

Sanekata Shū 338

Going to the New Rice Festival in the evening, a lady’s face was open to view, so I concealed it with my sleeves; on descending from the cart, she said:


Fikage kakusisi
sode zo wasurenu
Garlanded with sunlight vine, and hidden by
Those sleeves, I never shall forget…

I replied:


oFozora no
kumo no ukitaru
mi naredomo
Within the boundless skies,
A drifting cloud

Is my state, yet…

Sanekata Shū 337

On the first day of the Eighth Month, after His Majesty, Retired Emperor Kazan had given me a bow, and the day when I had to depart was delayed, as if to say, ‘When is it that you’re really off?’ His Majesty said:


iFeba ari
iFaneba kurusi
wakaredi wo
When I say, ‘Farewell’, you linger on, but
To leave it unsaid, a painful
Parting, it would be…

And I sadly replied:


sono Fodo to dani
ika de kikoezi
If only the appointed date, I could,
Somehow, leave unmentioned…