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Fubokushō IX: 3430

From the poetry contest in 1500 rounds.


minu hito o
matsu no kokage no
nao shikishima ya
yamato nadeshiko
For a man unseen
She pines in the shadow of the trees
On a mossy bed for
Her coverlet, the isles that make
Yamato – a pink!

Kūnaikyō, in service to Former Emperor Gotoba

GSS X: 682

At around the the time the Kanpyō Emperor took Holy Orders, ladies were only permitted to serve him from beyond his curtains, and being unable to approach him closely, she wrote this and fastened it to his screen.


kage Fumu bakari
tare ka nakoso no
seki o suweken
If I were to approach,
I would simply step upon your shadow;
I am so close, yet
Who is it  Nakoso – Come not –
That barrier has placed between us?

The Kohachijō Miyasudokoro 小八条御息所
[Minamoto no Sadako 源貞子]