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KKS XII: 563

A poem composed at a competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress during the Kampyō era (889-898).


sasa no Fa ni
woku simo yori mo
Fitori nuru
wa ga koromode zo
On bamboo grass leaves
Settles frost, but
Sleeping alone,
My sleeves
Are colder still by far.

Ki no Tomonori

KKS XII: 556

One day at a memorial service for someone at the Lower Izumo Temple, he listened to the Monk Shinsei giving a sermon, composed this and sent it to Ono no Komachi.


sode ni tamaranu
siratama Fa
Fito wo minu me no
namida narikeri
I may wrap them up, but
In my sleeve, they will not stay,
These white jewels,
Shed for a lady I cannot glimpse
Are my tears.

Abe no Kiyoyuki (825-900)