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On the conception of the beginning of spring, composed for a hundred poem sequence for the Lay Priest and former Regent and Chancellor, when he was Minister of the Right.


kyō to ieba
morokoshi made mo
yuku haru o
miyako ni nomi to
omoikeru kana
On this day, the spring that
Even unto Cathay
Will travel is
In the capital alone
I feel!

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Shunzei

KYS I: 53

Composed when a large number of the Junior Consort’s ladies conducted blossom-viewing during the reign of former Emperor Horikawa.


Faru goto ni
akanu nioFi wo
ikanaru kaze no
Every single spring
Never am I sated by
The cherry blossom;
What breeze is it that
Is not a cause of regret?

Chikuzen Wet Nurse

GSIS XI: 604

Sent to the residence of the late Principal Handmaid, at the beginning, when he was still Crown Prince.


Fonoka ni mo
sirasetesi gana
Faru kasumi
kasumi no uti ni
omoFu kokoro wo
I would have you know,
With the mists of spring
Among the haze are
My thoughts of you.

Former Emperor Gosuzaku

GSIS VI: 424

Sent around the end of the Twelfth Month from the province of Bizen to the residence of the Controller of Dewa.


miyako Fe Fa
tosi to tomo ni zo
yagate Faru wo mo
mukaFe gatera ni
To the capital
Along with the year
I must return;
At last, with the spring
Shall I proceed together!

Minamoto no Tameyoshi

GSIS X: 541

A poem composed after the cremation of Cloistered Retired Emperor En’yū at Murasakino, when recalling how His Majesty had travelled there for the Day of the Rat the year before.


murasaki no
kumo no kaketemo
omoFiki ya
Faru no kasumi ni
nasite mimu to Fa
At Murasakino
Clouds covering all
Did I recall?
The haze of spring
Have they become when I see them now…

Major Captain of the Left [Fujiwara no] Asamitsu

KKS I: 67

Composed and sent to someone who had come to see the cherry blossoms blooming at his house.


wa ga yado no
Fanami ga tera ni
kuru Fito Fa
tirinamu noti zo
To my home
For blossom-viewing
Folk come, but
After they have scattered
How fond of them I am!

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune