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SZS III: 136

Composed on the conception of changing into summer clothes, when a Hundred Poem Sequence was presented to His Majesty, Emperor Horikawa.

hana no tamoto ni
haru no katami mo
For summer garb
Blossom-laden sleeves
I remove, and with the change
Those keepsakes of springtime
Fail to linger on.

Former Middle Counsellor Masafusa

KKS II: 95

When he had gone to the northern hills to view the blossom, he sent this to the residence of the Un’rin-in Prince.[1]


iza keFu Fa
Faru no yamabe ni
kurenaba nage no
Fana no kage ka Fa
So, on this day
Into the springtime mountains
Let us tread!
For even should dusk fall, brief
Would the blossoms glow be? Surely not!


[1] Imperial Prince Tsuneyasu 常康親王 (?-869), the seventh son of Emperor Ninmyō.

MYS X: 1891


puyu komori
paru saku pana wo
tawori moti
titabi no kagiri
kopiwataru kamo
Sealed in winter
Springtime’s blooming blossoms
Do I take in hand –
A thousand times and more
Does love for you fill my thoughts.

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Collection